Etsy, KYB Manual

KYB stands for ‘Know Your Business’ which is a process that Etsy uses to validate the identity of businesses on the platform. Stakeholders asked me to design a new vetting process for Trust and Safety agents. I went a step further by mapping out the entire user journey; identifying more pain points and aligning all players helped me arrive at a holistic solution.

Product designer
6 Developers

3 Trust & safety stakeholders
1 Design manager

1 Project manager

1 Engineering manager
1 UX copywriter
End-to-end user journey with pain-points
2 alignment workshops
Complete redesign of T&S workflow
New functionality for the seller dashboard
Team norms for design/engineering collaboration

The challenge

Stakeholders said that Trust & Safety agents needed a new process to manually review businesses that failed some of Etsy’s automated checks. There were multiple points where an Etsy seller could ‘fail’ or ‘pass’ the process, and these outcomes needed to be reflected on both the agent and seller environments. On top of that, stakeholders were still in the process of defining ‘pass/fail’ criteria when it came to manual review. Many of  the details were uncertain, and the ideas hadn’t been stress-tested.

Solution & impact

I mapped out our understanding of the seller experience, agent workflows, and automatic processes and for all major states and use cases. This allowed me to identify previously unidentified pain points and review them with the team. I held two stakeholder workshops to gather ideas around areas of uncertainty and question assumptions. I then scoped out design work based on the unresolved pain-points and converted them into action items; additionally I identified areas where we would need UX Copy support and User Research.

The final result was a multi-state workflow for agents and updates to the seller dashboard (inc. alerts and new upload functionality).

Designing for alignment 

Throughout the design process, I used the journey-map I had created as an alignment document. All updates agreed upon by stakeholders were reflected in it so team members could use it as reference. Additionally, I codified team norms around design meetings and reviews, so engineering and stakeholders could stay unblocked and up-to-date.

Team-member feedback
“Megan stepped up here by guiding her team and scoping out unscoped (or very loosely scoped) work for the KYB manual project and subprojects, which really helped drive the projects forward and to completion taking into consideration the users and different touchpoints.”

“I think one of Megan's strong skills is problem solving and ability to dig deeper. The KYB process is quite complex and involves multiple seller pages and internal tools. However Megan quickly ramped up to the project... There were multiple requirements changes during the project, but Megan was able to quickly adjust her designs for the new features.”

For more information

Much of this project contains sensitive Etsy material that I am not at liberty to share. However, I’m more than happy to discuss my contributions and design work (excluding any confidential info).